Baron feudal land before the 18th century, Solarino was founded as agricultural colony in 1759 by Giuseppe Antonio Requesens, prince of Pantelleria.
As many centres of the zone grew as rural villages, its map is chessboard-like. Autonomous municipality since 1827, today the town still shows some typical houses of the 19th century.
In Plebiscito square lies the front of Requenses palace, built by order of the feudal owners of the time as country house and hunting lodge.
On the left of the palace, the mother church, dedicated to St Paul, saint patron of the town.
Tradition tells the saint apostle, coming from the Holy Land and going to Rome, had preached exactly in Solarino zone.
Among the most interesting examples of the zone of historical rural architecture, the farmhouse of Cozzo Collura, already existing in the 16th century and re-build in the 18th century.

“Archive A.P.T. Syracuse”

  • Solarino - Chiesa Madre

    Chiesa Madre (Foto: E. Zinna)