Website Objectives

The website is the owned of Galati Lia, created together with Di Mauro Salvatore of the Real Estate Agency and individual enterprise “” (REA SR – 131120), located in Cassibile (Syracuse) Via Nationale n. 129. The website is used to service the company “” for carrying out its activities of the Real Estate Agency, buying / selling / renting of houses.

The web site, born from the desire to promote the real estate wealthy of Fontane Bianche and in general the south-eastern Sicily,
giving great importance to the great heritage historical, cultural, natural that there is in our area.

The web site has with the purpose of advertising for holiday homes given in tourist locations to private people, such as houses, villas, houses
in residence, villas in the countryside, apartments.

Our is a contribution to the knowledge of our region and an attempt to valorise the many places that have enormous wealth that deserve to be known.

Almost all our visitors are looking for economical and comfortable solutions, for this reason our agency wants to give to users different offers and especially valid for
developing a the seasonally adjusted tourism in our area.

The main purpose is to make known of Sicily the historical and artistic testimonies, the Sicilian hospitality, cultural diversity,
local customs and the importance it gives to the people of Sicily friendship and solidarity.

Live a period of time close to the local people and share the daily rhythms, is the most important way to get closer to Sicily to know the connection between nature and history,
between urban culture and rural culture.

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