Priolo Gargallo

Between Augusta and Siracusa, at the bottom of the green Climiti Mountains, surrounded by the industries of the petrochemical centre, Priolo lies just at a few kilometres from one of the point of Siracusa coast, once inhabited by the Siculi.
The prehistoric village of Trogylos and the remains of Thapsos, the current Magnisi peninsula, with its huge necropolis, founded in the same period as Megara Hyblea.
On the territory of Priolo, occupied for a big part by the petrochemical industries, last nevertheless important remains of Roman age, as the Marcello’s Aguglia, a fortification lying on the plain of Targia; or of paleo-Christian age as the Church of S. Focà, founded by Germano, bishop of Siracusa, in the 5th century A.D., and the catacomb of Manomozza.
On the Climiti mountains, whose bottom is characterized by a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub, the 18th century estate of the big Casino.

“Archivio A.P.T. Siracusa”

  • Chiesa (Foto: N. Privitara)