Capital of Baroque, Noto was founded in 1703 on the Meti Hill, after the tragedy of the earthquake of 1693, that had razed to the ground the millenarian city with the same name.
It was “Valley chief” town until 1817, when it lost this prerogative (given it during the Arab domination) in advantage of Siracusa, to become again principal town from 1836 to 1865 thanks to the Borbons.
In 1866, with the abolition of the religious corporations, strongly linked to the economic and social tissue of the city, Noto was under a real process of politic-economic decline.
Today it has almost 22 thousand inhabitants, and it fights to maintain alive its “stone garden”, as Cesare Brandi defined: its huge Baroque heritage.

“Archive A.P.T. Syracuse”

  • Noto - Chiesa di San Francesco

    Chiesa di San Francesco (Foto: W. Leonardi)

  • Cattedrale (Foto: F. Barbagallo)

  • Palazzo del Municipio (Foto: W. Leonardi)

  • Noto - Palazzo Nicolaci

    Palazzo Nicolaci (Foto: W. Leonardi)

  • Noto - Infiorata

    Infiorata (Foto: F. Barabagallo)

  • Vendicari (Foto: W. Leonardi)

  • Vendicari: Tonnara (Foto: L. Nifosi)