Cassaro takes its name from “Qasr” (in Arabic castle). The site of the ancient Arab fortress, situated at the confluence of the rivers Anapo and Calcinara, lies at the foot of the current village.
From Cassaro you can reach the necropolis of Pantalica.
Recommended excursions along the route of the old railway line that connects the country with Palazzolo Acreide and Buscemi.
Medieval town, Cassaro is the smallest town in the province of Syracuse is also the capital of the oil.
Cassaro suffered serious damage in the earthquake of 1693.
It was rebuilt away from the ancient Arab.
The mother church, destroyed by the earthquake it was rebuilt on the same site, but it was marred by a series of restoration works in 1938.
The church of Saint Anthony Abbot, completed in 1760 and a portal flanked by two twin columns.

“Archive A.P.T. Syracuse”

  • Chiesa S. Antonio (Foto: L. Rubino)

  • Panoramica (Foto: E. Zinna)