Canicattini Bagni

Founded around the end of 17th century by marquis Mario Daniele, owner of feudal lands of “Baths” (Bagni), Canicattini is characterized by the liberty style of its buildings.
Born as agricultural colony in 1678, the town made by little farmer houses widened until 1882.
Of that period the mother church, restored with many changes to its original aspect, the town hall, building of the first years of 20th century.
In Mille street there’s the Saint Souls Church, restored in 1824 and 1904. Along Queen Helen street, Vittorio Emanuele street, Umberto street and Garibaldi street, you can see the triumph of liberty style in Canicattini, made by windows, balconies and floral style decorated brackets.
One kilometre far from the town, the bridge St Alfano, of the end of 18th century, made by a big arch on the precipice of Cardinale quarry.

“Archive A.P.T. Syracuse”

  • Panoramica (Foto: E. Zinna)

  • Canicattini bagni - Ponte Sant'Alfano

    Ponte Sant'Alfano (Foto: G. Leone)