Avola rose again in two years after the terrible earthquake in 1693, in the plain at the bottom of mount Aquilone, on which arose the ancient town destroyed by the earthquake.
After the earthquake, it was re-planned following a design by the Jesuit engineer Angelo Italia, suggesting a strict geometry, in a figurative system at cross with four squares and town doors placed within an hexagon, following the renaissance town closed by walls, as Palmanova or Grosseto.
Italia, except from the symbolic and exoteric references, planned the new town thinking literally about how to govern the destroying nature, responsible of the erasing of the ancient town causing the death of thousand of people.
So the map, “rounded” in direction and distances opposite to the helio-thermal axis, has the consequent effect of a lessened summer and winter temperature.

“Archive A.P.T. Syracuse”

  • Avola - Chiesa Madre

    Chiesa Madre (Foto: A. Majorca)

  • Liberty

  • Panoramica (Foto: L. Nifosi)

  • Cava Grande (Foto: A. Majorca)

  • Cava Grande (Foto: M. La Tona)

  • Mandorli in fiore (Foto: L. Rubino)